Quality Lives

Oftener ‘n not we hear of the strange fable That human life’s worth is countable Beyond numbers, naught is calculable Without figures, nothing’s comprehensible Churn out the stats and happiness is palpable You’re worth no more than trinkets accumulable
Numbers tell of wealth, that machines can count Defining our essence and riches we mount So all can be matched with others like ourselves To give us pride in things all by themselves The pity of junk defining creators Reversing logic as things control owners
Creditors will insist as lenders want to quote Ask for scores, for alone they speak of worth Yet high scores galore for robbers and warlords But where is my score for the humanity I bear? On what gauge is my esteem And my humanity to redeem?
If all were true, how to measure affection? What scales shall weigh our reflections? How can happiness meet such criterion? When all is unseen, untouched but simply felt Deep in our souls all numbers shall melt Leaving just quality, that no whip can welt
If all made se…