Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tales of Love: Before and After

Birds have been singing, century after century, nay millennia to boot

Tirelessly cheeping, come night, some hoot

Extolling life, lauding mom Nature’s abundance

Unperceived, unheard… without heed… incognizance

By beings emotionally dead, with hearts, sure

Bereft of hearing, ears erect sans essence mature

Nature’s song passed them by, way over their heads

With thunderous silence, in their slumber and dread

Deafness begetting bliss, in the valley of the dead

Cold, impassive, to beauty staying alien

Lifeless, numb to the poise of their ambience

Akin to dense clouds, hoarding rains

Withholding them from earthly plains                                                                                              

Moms amassing milk, dismissing infant cries

Robbing progeny of a just life

Fulfillment, purpose… in place of strife

Dogs too have barked in fear or horror

Whining in joy growling in furor

Howling their yearning, wagging selfless love

Not for beings deafened, ears as vestigial lobes

Befitting noises, solely issuing from self

Emitted via egos overly bloated

Sounds by beasts so well crafted

Century after century, nay millennia and counting

Passing us by, insensible to their joys, rigid to their mourning

Oblivious to their yearnings, high on self, jostling and boasting

Then abruptly, unexpectedly, norms transmute

Banalities to vitality, inanities on reboot

Filling souls to overflow, glad tidings now afoot

Swiftly, love strikes, cuddling the chosen

As would beauty, for the honored, now solemn

Soon after, love follows, then strikes

Embracing the favored, infusing them life

Now honored, now exalted with smiles galore

Swimming in rivers of destiny, stretched on celestial shores

Floating in airs, abundant love abreast

Hugged by warmth, showered with grace

Refreshed realities now wholly in place 

The once remote ‘n secluded, now initiated

Surely, surreptitiously, greens of flora well celebrated

Colors now richer, roses richly redder

Radiating greater joy with sparkle once neglected, fettered

Via no more than a glance inwardly emitted

Radiating from heaven, with love secreted

No bluer than it's ever been,

Centuries, nay, millennia and umpteen

Avian opuses, canine sonatas now ever so loud

Sensed with vigor, passion, perched on a cloud

Purest concordance, unadulterated symphonies

In all their splendor, exuding splendid harmonies

Egos diminished, launched to distant vacuities

Sentiments magnificently tuned to myriad beauties

Esteem returns, full awareness on duty

Hearts now mellow, beating smoothly

Beckoning it all in, in wait for revealed truth quickly

Humility reigns, reality anchored, full lives lived simply

Universes joyfully converting to synchrony with life

Whose wide-open doors beckoning tidings all rife

Shooing ravages of malice, melting stubborn clouds

Discharging rains of joy, vanities now disavowed

Back comes the smile, bereft of feigning

Stuffed with humility replete with calming

If only wisdom prevailed, to revere modesty

Avoiding fatal slips destructive of tranquility

Whose enemy resides deep within

Nourishing trees of insolence

Watering shrubs of arrogance

Harvesting agony unwittingly

Hopelessly wrapped in misery

Ignorant of self, chasing shadows illusory

Returning to giggles, feigned and imaginary

Wretched fellas, awaken ye to savor

Nature’s providence, her infinite favors

Relish life’s glories, aromas as yet unscented

In lieu of longing, for paradises merely invented

©Alwi Shatry, 19th March 2017, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Fishing For Me

Humans lure me, trap and hook me

For food, pleasure or game

“Fishing” is the given name

My fluttering protests snubbed

My piercing bones affronted

Into pails I am flung

For later, for fate to be slung

Never postponed, for my body limp

Gasping for air, none for my gills

Hooks and lines now obsolete

Trawling us, for coffers ne’er replete

Death ever so slow, in-nuanced

Ghastly choking amid abundance

Air, air everywhere

And not a whiff to respire

Marine mates consume me

For food, never sport nor game

Whose nourishment I supply

Their survival, my demise

Eggs I lay by the thousands

Sacred life’s cycles to continue, undeterred, fecund

Dancing around our mate

Without need to fornicate

Life on the outside to procreate

While inside, of rape to obviate

Humans lure, hook and each other murder

Never for sport, food, game nor leisure

Since their arrival, killing tools ever deadlier

Victims grieving, for departed ones

Mad, enraged but powerless at guilty ones

Slaughter often massive in scale

Habitually genocidal, as survivors wail

All for god or dogma, tribe or oil

Abundant prep with untold toil

At any price must come the spoils

Never executed as going “humaning”

Murderous excursions ever expanding

Toxic fumes perpetually dispersing

Peace or harmony barely lasting

History repeated, always recurring

Life’s end now assuredly looming

We preceded by millions of eons these Homo sapiens

Evolving away from, not with us, bizarre aliens

Ever since, the planet’s never the same

Still, our dancing, ovulating proceed just the same

In refuges deep under with safe lanes

Even against odds stacked by colossal fishing

‘Tis the “humaning” that’ll be the planet’s undoing

And when we are gone…so too will be fishing

Fishing no more, impending end of “humaning”

March 9, 2017

©Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved

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